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 Business BIA Hosts Indian Economic Summit   September 2002 
Increased Use of E-Mail Highlights Need for Retention Policies February 2003
Indian Telecom Training Initiative to Be Held September 7-10   July/August 2002
Topic Title Issue
Court Watch A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing - Indirect State Taxation of Tribal Fuel Purchases September 2003
AFGE Files Suit to Overturn Preference for Native American Contractors October 2003
An Indian Tribe Is Not A "Person" Under Section 1983 July/August 2003
Congress and the Judiciary Set to Alter the Scope of Tribal Law Enforcement Power: U.S. v. Lara and S.578 September 2003 
BACK TO TOP Few Native American Issues Before Supreme Court   November/December 2002 
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Nextwave Case   April 2002
Supreme Court Decides White Mountain Apache and Navajo Nation Cases April 2003
Supreme Court Dismisses Most Recent Adarand Challenge January 2002
Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Two Tribal Trust Cases January 2003
Supreme Court Ruling Expands "Direct Threat" Defense Available to Employers in ADA Actions July/August 2002
Supreme Court to Hear Bishop Paiute Case April 2003
Tribal Sovereignty Has Its Day in Court May 2003
Topic Title Issue
Employment/Labor Americans with Disabilities Act - Ask the Advocate January 2002
Application of Americans with Disabilities Act - Ask the Advocate February 2002
Court of Appeals Upholds Tribal Right-to-Work Ordinance March 2002
Employment Law Issues Pertaining to Military reservists and National Guard Members February 2003
BACK TO TOP Federal Court Allows Non-Union Employees to Have Witness During "Investigatory Interview" February 2002
HIPAA Compliance Deadlines November/December 2002
Improperly Drafted Arbitration Provisions May Leave You in a Bind November/December 2003
Proposed Changes to the FAIR Labor Standards Act May 2003
Topic Title Issue
Federal Comment Period Extended for Tribal Consultation Meetings April 2002
EPA Announces New Grant Program March 2002
GAO Study Focuses on Native American, Alaska Native Economic Development February 2002
GAO Study Proposes Changes to Tribal Recognition Process January 2002
BACK TO TOP Increase in Native American CDFI's in the Works November/December 2002
Input Sought Regarding Indian Trust Management Issues January 2002
Senate Indian Affairs Committee Holds Hearing on Federal Recognition for Native Hawaiians April 2003
The Appropriations Outlook for Native American Interests in 2003 March 2003
Trust Reform Task Force Issues Report July/August 2002
Topic Title Issue
Gaming Court of Appeals Upholds Tribe's Challenge to Local Casino Ordinance April 2002
New Chairman and Associate Commissioners Proposed for NIGC

October 2002

New Tax Safe Harbor for Certain IGRA Trust Payments February 2003
NIGC Annual Fee Rates for 2003 February 2003
NIGC Proposes Rule Amending Fee Regulations November/December 2003
NIGC Withdraws Proposed Game Classification Rule September 2002
Topic Title Issue
Government Contracting A-76 Update: Report Urges That Outsourcing Become FAR-Based as Outsourcing Amendments Continue on Capitol Hill June 2002
An Analysis of Certain Procurement Aspects of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 January 2003
Contract Bundling Continues to Affect Small Business Interests November/December 2002
D.C. Court of Appeals Upholds Native American Contracting Preference July/August 2003
District Court Upholds DOD Native American Contracting Preference May 2002
BACK TO TOP DOD, GSA, NASA and SBA Issue Final Rules on Contract Bundling November/December 2003
E-Mail and Government Contracting - Ask the Advocate March 2002
EPA’s Proposed Rule Would Require Small Business Certification October 2003
Native Hawaiians and SBA's 8(a) Program March 2003
New and Proposed Regulations Affecting Government Contracting January 2003

OMB’s Revisions to Circular A-76

September 2003
BACK TO TOP Proposed HUBZone Amendments Provide Increased Contracting Opportunities for Tribes March 2002
SBA Area Office Applies 8(a) Tribal Affiliation Exemption to HUBZone Size Determination September 2002
Stevens Amendment May Benefit Tribes and ANCs February 2002
Tribal Holding Companies May Trigger Finding of Affiliation July/August 2002
Topic Title Issue
Indian Housing HUD Issues Final Direct Loan Guarantee Rule May 2002
Topic Title Issue
Interviews Tribal Advocate Speaks with Ambassador Charles W. Blackwell April 2003
Tribal Advocate Speaks with Carey Worl July/August 2003
Tribal Advoccate Speaks with NIBA President Pete Homer, Jr. June 2002
Topic Title Issue
Land DOI Issues Notice on Changes in Indian Estate Law April 2002
Topic Title Issue
Law Enforcement New Tribal Law Enforcement Funds Available May 2002
BACK TO TOP Senate Indian Affairs Committee Considers Tribal Law Enforcement Issues November/December 2002
Topic Title Issue
Legislation American Indian and Alaska Native Legislation in the 106th Congress - Table Table in Each Issue
House Passed Legislation Could Negatively Impact the HUBZone Program October 2003
House Passes the Small Business Advocacy Act July/August 2002
Indian Country Scores Victory in Passage of FY 2003 Appropriations Bill September 2002
Indian Energy Policy Receives Increased Focus on Federal Level February 2002
Topic Title Issue
On the Hill Congress Approves DOI Appropriations Act January 2002
Congressional Native American Committees February 2003 
Homeland Security Bills May Provide Contracting Opportunities for Small and Native-Owned Businesses November/December 2002
House Passed Legislation Could Negatively Impact the HUBZone Program October 2003
Indian Affairs Committee Criticizes Portions of President's Budget April 2002
Legislative Update January 2003
BACK TO TOP Positive Legislation Affecting Native Americans and Alaska Natives October 2002
Proposed Small Business Development Legislation May Provide for Greater Funding to Tribal and Alaska Native Business Efforts May 2002
Senate Subcommittee on Financial Institutions Holds Hearing on Capital Investment in Indian Country July/August 2002
Senator Campbell Introduces Legislationto Provide Expanded Self-Governance to Indian Tribes November/December 2003
Senator Campbell Introduces Two Native American Bills April 2003
Topic Title Issue
Regulations ASBCA Rules on Proprietary Software Issue May 2002
Benchmark Compensation Revised June 2003
DOD Issues Interim Rule Regarding the Indian Incentive Program November/December 2003
Final Rule Implemented for Indian Incentive Program July/August 2002
Internal IRS Ruling Asserts Agency Authority Over Tribes September 2002
Proposed Regulations May Increase Federal Congracting Opportunities for Small Businesses March 2003
Topic Title Issue
Self-Governance Indian Health Services Proposes Tribal Self-Governance Regulations April 2002
On the Road to Success June 2003
Topic Title Issue
Small Business Bush Administration Questions Necessity of Native American Small Busineess Development Act June 2002
EPA’s Proposed Rule Would Require Small Business Certification October 2003
Native American Small Business Development Act Approved by Senate Committee  September 2002
Native American Small Businesses Get Boost from the Air Force March 2003
BACK TO TOP OFPP Policy Would Require Small Businesses to Recertify Annually May 2003
SBA Guidance Clarifies Affiliation Rules October 2003
SBA Issues Size Standards Final Rule for Facilities Support Services November/December 2003
SBA's Ombudsman and the Regulatory Fairness Board March 2003
SBA Releases A Proposed Rule on Annual Recertification for Small Businesses June 2003
Topic Title Issue
Sovereign Immunity Connecticut Supreme Court Upholds Tribe's Sovereign Immunity June 2002
Federal Court Upholds Tribal Court Jurisdiction March 2002
Tribal Sovereignty Scores Victory in Ongoing Gasoline Tax Case October 2002
U.S. Supreme Court Lets State Privacy Ruling Stand January 2002
Topic Title Issue
Tribal Business Untangling Tribal Tax-Exempt Bonds June 2003
Topic Title Issue
Tribal Land Connecticut Legislation Would Extinguish Indian Land Claims May 2002
Topic Title Issue
Tribal Recognition Proposed Moratorium on Tribal Recognition Decisively Defeated in Senate November/December 2002
Senate Indian Affairs Committee Holds Hearing on Tribal Recognition Issues October 2002

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