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Government Contracts Supreme Court Holds that Subcontractors May Not Seek Equitable Lien Against Government When Prime Contractor Defaults January 1999
Proposed Changes to Progress Payments and Related Financing Policies

Government Investigations of Suspected Wrongdoing
March-April 1999
Administration Proposes Linking Contact Awards to Labor Law Compliance

Exclusive Teaming Arrangments May Be Scrutinized by DCAA and DOD for Anticompetitive Effects
July-Aug 1999
Recent Changes to FAR Under Federal Acquisition Circular 97-14
November 1999
Business Community Expresses Concerns About Proposal to Link Award of Contracts to Labor Law Compliance January 2000
FAR Changes Address Contract Bundling and Multiple Award Contracting Concerns February 2000
DOD Proposes DFAR Amendment to Address Exclusive Teaming Arrangements March 2000
Government Contractors to Receive Mandatory Pay Surveys April 2000
Affirmative Action Plan Proposal Issued by OFCCP May 2000
Government Contracts GAO Sustains Protest of A-76 Source Selection Sept/Oct 2000
FAR Council Moves Forward with "Reverse Auctions" Nov/Dec 2000
TINA Threshold Raised Nov/Dec 2000
Executive Order Seeks to Increase Opportunities for Small and Minority-Owned Businesses Nov/Dec 2000
FAR Proposal Would Allow Electronic Signatures in Federal Contracting Nov/Dec 2000
Competition Under GSA Schedules Criticized by GAO Jan/Feb 2001
New Responsibility Regulations to Take Effect January 19, 2001 Jan/Feb 2001
GAO Sustains Protests Involving Conflict of Interest and Best Value Evaluation Mar/Apr 2001
Proposed Rule Would Clarify Task Order Procedures Sept/Oct 2001
BACK TO TOP Service Contract Reform Bill Introduced in House Subcommittee Nov/Dec 2001
Topic Title Issue
Corporate Employers Should Review Their E-Mail Policies January 1999
Recent Developments Concerning the Restriction of Competition by Former Employees February 1999
Estate Planning: A Business Decision That Should Not be Avoided May-June 1999
Businesses Advertising on the Internet Should Be Aware of Advertising Law and FTC Policy

Congress Passes Bill to Limit Y2K Liability

Businesses Should be Aware of "Preemptive Rights" When Offering Stock Incentives
July-Aug 1999
Leasing Issues: Pitfalls That Can Cost Your Company Big Money

Company Web Sites May Subject Businesses to Personal Jurisdiction Nationwide
September 1999
Legal and Business Considerations Regarding the Development and Maintenance of Internet Websites

Protecting Trade Secrets from Misuse by the Government
October 1999
Monitoring Use of Copyrighted Material

Businesses Should Avoid Oral Agreements
November 1999
The Use of Digital Signatures and Electronic Documents to Transact Business on the Internet

Incentive Stock Options: The Benefits and Risks
December 1999
Legal and Business Considerations Regarding the Development and Maintenance of Internet Websites October 1999
Justice Department Issues Guidance for Criminally Charging Corporations March 2000
BACK TO TOP DOJ and FTC Release Joint Antitrust Guidelines May 2000
Topic Title Issue
Court Watch Administration Argues in Favor of DBE Program in Adarand Case Sept/Oct 2001
Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Adarand Case Nov/Dec 2001
Topic Title Issue
Employment Supreme Court Broadens Rights of "At-Will" Employees January 1999
Accommodating Employees with Disabilities: Is Reassignment Necessary February 1999
Recent EEOC Policy Guidance on Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA
October 1999
Court Decisions and "EEOC" Guidance Underscore the Need for Effective Anti-Harassment Policies December 1999
OSHA’s Home Office Advisory is Withdrawn; Ergonomic Regulations are Proposed January 2000
Are Your Managers Entitled to Overtime Pay? February 2000
OSHA Clarifies Home Office Safety Policy April 2000
When the ADA and the FMLA Overlap May 2000
Recent Court Decision Illustrates the Need to Adopt Comprehensive Anti-Harassment Policies Nov/Dec 2000
U.S. District Court Dismisses Discrimination Suit Against Employer
Mar/Apr 2001
Federal Courts Recognize Claims for Disability-Based Harassment
Juy/August 2001
Topic Title Issue
Small Business SBA Issues Proposed Rule on Contract Bundling February 1999
Status of Cases Challenging Preferential Procurement Programs May-June 1999
SBA Issues Proposed Regulation to Increase Size Standards for General Building Contractors September 1999
Q&A Topic: Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Act of 1999 November 1999
Supreme Court Allows Second Adarand Case to Proceed

Department of Energy Issues Proposed Regulations for Permanent Mentor-Protege Program
January 2000
Recent SBA Decisions Heighten "Affiliation" Concerns February 2000
Final Rule Issued on Contract Bundling Sept/Oct 2000
SBA Proposes New Markets Venture Capital Program Mar/Apr 2001
SBA Proposes New Markets Venture Capital Program May/June 2001
Small Business Committee Update
Juy/August 2001
Contract Bundling Again in the Spotlight Sept/Oct 2001
DoD’s 1207 Program Subject to “Strict Scrutiny” Nov/Dec 2001
BACK TO TOP Senator Bond Introduces Bill to Assist Small Businesses Nov/Dec 2001
Topic Title Issue
Intellectual Property Electronic Commerce May Utilize Federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act March 2000
Supreme Court Rules on Internet Copyright Infringement Juy/August 2001
Topic Title Issue
Labor Law Senate, House Vote to OSHA Ergonomic Regulations Mar/Apr 2001
Supreme Court Decision Supports Enforceability of Employee Arbitration Agreements May/June 2001
BACK TO TOP An Employer’s Guide to Using Employee Medical Information for Evacuation Procedures Nov/Dec 2001
Topic Title Issue
Legislation Senate Small Business Committee Holds hearing on "Red Tape Reduction" May/June 2001
Topic Title Issue
Outsourcing A-76 Contracting Opportunities in 2000 April 2000
Topic Title Issue
On the Hill TRAC Update: Defense Authorization Bill Brings Outsourcing Conflict to the Forefront Sept/Oct 2001
Topic Title Issue
Electronic Commerce Businesses Should Conduct Periodic Legal Audits of Their Websites Sept/Oct 2000
Topic Title Issue
Business New OSHA Ergonomic Regulations – What is Required of Companies? Jan/Feb 2001