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The legal framework in which businesses operate has never been more complex; even a relatively small business can be dramatically impacted by laws, rules and regulations from federal, state and local authorities.
The federal government may be among the most desirable clients for any business, but it is rarely the easiest. With the demands of public accountability, government contractors are subject to a staggering number of rules and regulations that apply to virtually every aspect of a business.
Small Business Programs Government Relations Services
PilieroMazza is known nationwide as one of the most experienced law firms in helping small businesses navigate the challenges of growth, because we recognize that the job of running and growing a small business is no smaller or less challenging than it is for any other enterprise.
Today, trade associations and their members and businesses of all sizes are dramatically affected by rules, regulations and laws passed by the federal government—and many small and medium-sized businesses know little or nothing about such developments until it is far too late to do anything about them.
Labor and Employment Law Intellectual Property Law
Business enterprises across the country are faced with workplace laws and regulations that are becoming increasingly complex and confusing.  Given the myriad of issues confronting human resource departments, it is essential that employers have a solid understanding of employment laws and regulations that impact the workplace.
Intellectual property has never been more fundamental to more different business enterprises than it is today. Innumerable businesses, large and small, rely for their success on the ideas and innovations they have successfully brought to market.
Native American Law Trade Association Law
In recent decades, Indian tribes and Alaska Native organizations have become increasingly involved in a wide range of businesses and other enterprises that have created a complex new web of relationships with non-native corporations and federal, state and local governments. These new initiatives raise a host of complex issues, in many cases relating to the unique legal structures that affect tribes and Alaska Native Corporations.
Trade and Professional Associations face many of the same governance, transactional and operational legal questions as any business or corporation—along with the special legal issues common to non-profits that are an outgrowth of their unique status as membership organizations.
At PilieroMazza, we are not reluctant to litigate when the need arises. However, because of the expenses and uncertainty that accompany most litigation, we typically pursue other options for resolving disputes prior to filing suit.
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