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About the Tribal Advocate

Native American governments and individuals are being confronted with an increasingly complex legal environment as federal and state governments are attempting to take a more active role in Native American affairs. Likewise, as tribes and Alaska Native Corporations ("ANCs") expand their commercial activities, they face legal issues common to all businesses, despite the advantages inherent in such tribally-owned businesses.

With these issues in mind, the Tribal Advocate is a subscription newsletter devoted exclusively to legal and business issues affecting tribes, ANCs and their businesses. The Tribal Advocate provides a unique emphasis on entrepreneurial topics and the interrelationship of laws, regulations and sovereignty issues that must be considered to ensure the growth and prosperity of tribally-owned businesses and ANCs.

Topics addressed in the Tribal Advocate include the following: the extent to which federal labor and employment laws apply to tribally-owned businesses and ANCs; the extent to which tribes can pursue off-reservation businesses that are included within the tribe's sovereign immunity; doing business with third parties, including licenses, leases and other commercial contracts; the advantages of participating in federal government contracting programs; and existing and proposed legislation and regulations on matters such as land acquisitions, housing grants, gaming, taxation and sovereignty.

The Tribal Advocate also conducts interviews with various business and government officials who can provide insight and guidance to its readers with respect to business and legislative issues. In an effort to address specific questions of its readers, each issue also includes an "Ask the Advocate" section which addresses specific questions posed by readers.

The Tribal Advocate is a compliment to the firm's Native American and ANC practice which covers a wide range of topics, including corporate, legislative, regulatory and traditional tribal issues. Given the firm's extensive experience with these tribes and ANCs and the wealth of information included in each issue, the Tribal Advocate is an invaluable resource to its readers.

The Tribal Advocate is published ten times a year and distributed by subscription only. Excerpts of back issues are archived electronically at pmplawfirm.com in our Publications section. If you would like to receive a complimentary issue of the Tribal Advocate, please contact Susan Brock at or to subscribe, click on Subscription link below.